FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is the basic conference fee?
$255 Early bird pricing until January 10, 2018
$285 Between January 11 and February 15, 2018
$315 Between February 16 and March 30, 2018

What is included in the basic conference fee?
Five fully catered meals (three lunches and two dinners), six keynote speakers, a choice of 29 breakout sessions (tours and workshops may have an additional costs). This includes the Search for Excellence Awards Banquet and the Specialist/Milestone Luncheon.

Can I pay for just one day of the conference?
This is a full, three-day offering only.

What is the conference schedule?
The conference is a FULL three days. Please check out the conference website for specifics.

What are the options available for workshops and tours?
Please visit the conference website for all options. There are 17 excursions and 10 workshops offered.

What if I change my mind about what sessions or workshops I want to attend?
Contact Conference Chair Nicky Maddams at 2018tmgaconference@gmail.com or call Assistant Chair Donna Hagar at (409) 292-TMGA (8642). If there is still room in the session or workshop, we can make that change.

Who do I contact if I have more questions about the conference details?
Simply fill in the “Contact Form” on the website or email Conference Chair Nicky Maddams at 2018tmgaconference@gmail.com or Assistant Chair Donna Hagar at (409) 292-TMGA (8642).

What is the cancellation policy?
We will offer you a full refund of the conference fee until March 15, 2018, less 10% for processing fee.  After March 15, 2018, we will refund 50% of the conference fee. We will refund workshop and tour fees in full until February 15, 2018. Between February 15 and March 15, we will refund 50% of these charges; after March 15, we cannot refund these items as funds will have been dispersed to confirm your seat.

What if my spouse wants to come and go on tours and come to the Awards Banquet?
Your spouse is welcome to attend these conference activities. You may add them to your registration; there is an additional cost for guests.


Do I have to stay in the Hilton or the Embassy Suites?
We have contracts with these hotels, so they are expecting you! Both hotels have given us large blocks of rooms, so our Master Gardeners will be their primary guests. Members of the conference committee have personally stayed in these hotels and we can highly recommend both the Hilton and Embassy Suites. There are other options listed on the conference website.

What will be at the Hilton for the conference?
Pickup of registration packets and parking passes, and Tuesday’s Leadership Training


How far is the walk from the parking areas to the meeting spaces?
Approximately 6-7 minutes from West Campus Garage (WCG) to Memorial Student Center (MSC) and Rudder Tower. Reed Arena is across the street from WCG. If using the Fan Field parking, the shuttle will bring you directly to each venue, door to door. This option is recommended for persons with mobility issues. Check out the video for details.

How often will the shuttle pick up and drop off at Fan Field?
We have five shuttles, each holding 35-50 people, depending on whether some individuals stand for the short ride. The shuttles will pick up approximately every ten minutes before and after conference sessions.

What if I need to leave during the day and I’ve parked at Fan Field?
We will have volunteers available to assist in serious cases if necessary; regular campus buses make runs past the Fan Field. Our conference shuttles will only run during the mornings and afternoons, at the beginning and end of conference sessions.

Can I come and go from the parking garage or Fan Field?
Yes, the parking pass offers in and out privileges. You may come and go as many times as you wish. At WCG, remember to swipe in and swipe out! You will need to do this to raise the gate upon entering and exiting.

If I purchase a pass and my group decides to carpool, does that same person have to drive every day?
The parking pass is per car, not assigned to a specific individual. If the vehicle you are driving in has the pass, you’re good to go!

Where else can I park besides paying for the garage or Fan Field?
You may pay to park in any public parking area on campus, but spots are few and difficult to find while students are in class. We strongly advise purchasing a parking permit and car-pooling with others.

Can we park at Reed Arena?
This parking is completely reserved parking for students and unavailable to our attendees.

How do I get a parking pass?
Order your parking pass when registering for the conference; it’s part of the registration form. Spots at WCG are limited to 250, but we have unlimited spots at the Fan Field. Do not lose this pass. It is non-replaceable and must be presented each day to park.


Can I get a campus map the shows how to get to parking and conference areas?
Please view the “Getting Around” video for more information. The university offers great campus maps on their website.

Can I walk to the conference areas from my hotel?
If you’re in terrific shape and have the time, by all means! It’s a good distance. For example, the Hilton is 2.1 miles from the campus venues.

Do Uber or Lyft operate in College Station?
Yes, both companies operate in College Station. You can expect to pay $8-11 per ride, depending on your location.

Will the hotel provide transportation to the conference meeting areas?
Some hotels offer shuttles; however, the shuttles cannot be assured to be available when needed. The front desk may be able to accommodate you at the time, but cannot provide a guarantee this service will be available.


What is “Leadership Training”?
This is our first year to offer this training, in response to requests for guidance and training on numerous topics that all associations encounter. These topics are: Volunteer Recruitment and Retention; TMGA Bootcamp for MG Leaders; Fundraising Ideas, Issues and Concerns; and Use of Technology is a Master Gardener Program. Training occurs on Tuesday afternoon, prior to the conference.

Who should attend this training?
We encourage leaders and officers from each association to attend. If you’re thinking of becoming an officer, you should attend. We are limited to 100 participants. You must attend conference to sign up for this training as we are able to keep the cost to just $25.00, due to our other conference contracts with the Hilton Hotel.


If you have serious allergies (anaphylaxis) or health requirements, our caterers will work to accommodate them. Please have your medications and Epi-Pen with you.