On the afternoon preceding the 2018 Conference, we will be holding our pilot Leadership Training at the Hilton College Station. This training is tailored to address those topics indicated as most critical or requested by the Master Gardeners.

Training will be held on Tuesday, April 3, 2018, 12:30pm – 5:00pm, in the Bluebonnet Ballroom at the Hilton College Station. Anyone may attend but there is a limit of 225 participants and the training will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  We are offering this training for just $25 per person. REGISTER with your conference registration.


Recruitment and Retention
Times have changed in the last 30 years and a new breed of volunteers is emerging. This session will cover how to:
• Attract new volunteers and utilize their unique talents
• Provide the motivation needed to see projects to fruition
• Understand what stimulates upcoming generations when volunteering
• Be a good leader for all levels of volunteers within the association
• Encourage advanced, continued education

Fundraising Ideas, Issues and Concerns
The reality is that good Master Gardener projects need funding. In this presentation, you will learn:
• How to determine the specifics of a project and establish reasonable goals including estimated cost, time involved, and number of volunteer hours required
• How to understand potential financial consequences for state sales tax and federal IRS filings, as well as laws and tax implications
• How to select a worthwhile project that fits within the parameters of the MG program
• What has worked for other Master Gardener associations

Use of Technology in a Master Gardener Program
Technology has evolved to the point that it is an absolute necessity in just about every aspect of the MG program. This session will cover:
• Ideas on how to create, maintain and utilize an engaging website
• Various approaches to newsletter publication including frequency, length, and content
• Social media and other interactive technologies used to enhance the Master Gardener program and gain exposure for our mission
• Protocol for branding AgriLife on all media and ensuring equal opportunity requirements are met
• Defining your audience: internal, external (or both) and examining the needs of each

Boot Camp for Master Gardener Leaders
You have taken on the role of an officer or leader in your local MG association. What next? This session will give you some tools to guide you in your new role. We will cover:
• The Master Gardener Management Guide including bylaws and mission statement
• Your responsibilities at a local and state-wide level
• The role of AgriLife Extension and how it relates to your program and volunteers
• The function of the Texas Master Gardener Association (TMGA); how we can offer support and how you can assist us
• Responsibilities of the Board of Directors