Sensational Speaker Line-up

You will experience three FULL days of education, fun, food, fellowship and excitement! Registration includes 12 hours of advanced gardening education through our ensemble of engaging speakers and, hands-on workshops and fascinating tours.

Vegetable Extension Specialist, Lubbock
Extension Viticulture Specialist
Author and Horticulturist, Smith County
Extension Agent, Harris County
Program Specialist IPM, Overton
Horticulturist, AgriLife Water University
Extension Program Specialists, JMG®
Extension Program Specialist–Earth-Kind®
County Extension Agent Emeritus
County Extension Agent, Nueces County
Organic Gardener, Masters of Hort
Agricultural Extension Agent, Aransas Co.
Extension Program Specialist, JMG®
Teacher, Landscape Design
Contributing Editor, Texas Gardener
Director of Horticulture
Lecturer, Horticultural Sciences
Director, SFA Gardens
The Bluebird Lady
Author and Landscape Designer
Chair, Benz School of Floral Design
Associate Professor
Water Resource Specialist
Staff Forester, A&M Forest Service
Professor in Horticultual Sciences
Executive Director of the Millican Alliance
Commercial Hort Ext. Agent, Tarrant Co.
Professor and Landscape Horticulturist
Director of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Author of "Succulents"
VP, Heritage Rose Foundation
Host of the TV show 'A Growing Passion'
Author of "Late Bloomer"
Author and Photojournalist
Author and AgriLife Extension Emeritus
Internationally Acclaimed Designer
Founder of the MG Program