BeeWeaver offers a unique trip into a bee hive. From the comfort of a shaded observation area, visitors can see a beekeeper work a hive of bees and learn some basic beekeeping. The observation area has a screen between you and the hive, and the beekeeper will bring frames of bees to the screen so you can see the bees and their hive up close. Afterwards, step up to the Honey Bar and sample over a dozen different honeys. BeeWeaver offers their own local wildflower honey produced by chemical-free honey bee colonies, organic Hawaiian honey produced on the Big Island, and honeys infused with hot peppers, huckleberry, cinnamon, lime, and more! Honey, like wine, varies by region and year. Taste the difference and know your beekeepers! You may also enjoy shopping for unique gifts in the BeeGoods Mercantile.

Boxed lunches will be provided.


Wednesday, April 4, 2018 @ 12:00pm

(Photos courtesy Conference Committee)